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Liberate your Brand with Intuitive Design

Intuitive Design is about defining a brand that is aligned with your vision. We peel back layers upon layers of limiting beliefs to communicate with your clients in an INSPIRED way. This is the foundation of crafting an authentic presence that will help you avoid burnout and offer your best work.

Mug of coffee with a small wooden spoon. Not ideal, I know, but it looks nice!
two handthrown tea cups filled to the brim with beautiful floral latte designs

CFID's Design Services are a good fit for you if...

  • You've been procrastinating the creation of a website
  • You've started building digital assets but want to "shine it up"
  • You struggle to connect with your ideal clients
  • You don't have time to market your business
  • Your design skills don't reflect the quality of your products or services
  • You want to create branding elements that are aligned with your vision
A pen, notebook, and a tablet with CFID's landing page shown on a desk

Web Design

All web design packages include responsive design, content development support, microbranding profile, and organic SEO. Mature businesses will also recieve a website assessment.

Sample Instagram feed showing on a mobile phone with linen and handthrown pottery as props

Social Media Glow-up

Elevate your social media profiles with some thoughful content planning and a fresh new look and feel.

A cootie catcher designed to help you get in flow with your intuition. If you don't know what a cootie catcher is, I can describe it as one of those origami type fortune tellers from the 1980s

Print Assets

Design for business cards, lead magnets, mugs, branding irons and so much more! With a little guidance and graphic support, your print assets will help your clients connect with you like never before.

Tablet shows design layout for this webpage alongside leather-bound journal, coffee, notebook and glasses.

Other Digital Assets

Micro-branding profiles, logos, icons, branded guides and tutorials, and other supporting graphics to suit all your marketing needs.

Are you ready to make sustainable changes to the way you market your soul-driven work?

Different Strategies for Unique Challenges

Connect with Confidence

Being authentic in the public eye is a brave thing. I'll admit that a lot of this is mindset work, but paired with everything I know about marketing, we can liberate your brand from limiting beliefs. As you start to let go of those old beliefs, you open up a whole world of opportunities to connect with your audience!

Restructure your Time

I have been helping heart-centred entrepreneurs save time for themselves in DROVES. Sometimes it's building helpful assets to cut down on redundant tasks, other times it's content prompts so you don't suffer with "blank page syndrome". We'll start with an assessment and decide on design assets that will have the biggest impact for you.

Elevate your Brand

Talent and skill in one area don't necessarily mean you can design your own branding assets. I have been so honoured to play a part in designing assets for some incredibly skilled crafters, wellness professionals and other soul-driven entrepreneurs.

Get Inspired, Have Fun!

Traditional marketing is for cookie-cutter businesses, and that's not us. In my experience, soul-driven work has a heart-centred mission, and it rarely fits neatly into one box. I'll never push you to do anything that isn't aligned with you and your work, but a little dance on the edge of your comfort zone could be just the rush you're looking for!

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