Client Testimonials

Heart-centred entrepreneurs share their experiences

Support, guidance & empowerment

"I always feel supported and guided with Cynthia, and always leave our calls feeling empowered!"

- Andrea Sharpe, Karlande Designs

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Honest and relaxed problem-solving

"[Cynthia's] honest and relaxed approach to solving the many roadblocks and challenges faced by entrepreneurs in a group setting was so effective, and created a level of engagement where problems were solved and everyone benefited."

- Chris Daigle, City of Bathurst, NB

Break through your inhibitions

"We needed someone to reflect back to us what we do best, and help us break through our inhibitions. Here is where Cynthia shines the most!"

- Danis Comeau, Productions Aulnes

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Recognize your worth

"A long-time friend [who] helped me start to see my worth. I am grateful for her and her insight, and inspirational words to get me motivated."

- Jaymes Guay, Black Days Design

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A keen listener

"It was obvious from the first conversation [that] Cynthia was easy to talk to - but more importantly, a keen listener."

- Rhonda Scott, Eartha Wellness

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Useful tools

"Cynthia connected with me and offered a checklist to help me figure out my own content strategy... it's so useful!"

- Reg Coppicus, HARP - Harassment and Racism Prevention